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[DP L1 Math] Final Exam & Make-up Class Arrangement

[DP L1 Math] Final Exam & Make-up Class Arrangement

by CDGT Admin -
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Dear DP L1 Math Students,

Following the class cancellation last Saturday, please be informed that the arrangement for final exam and make-up class will be as follows:

Final Exam: Date: April 29 (Sat)/ Time: 2 to 4:30pm/ Venue: LSK G012 (in LSK Building near South Gate)

  • In other words, NO CHANGE for date, time and venue.
  • Points to note:
  1. the exam covers everything in the course, including those before the midterm. However, we do emphasize the topics after the midterm.
  2. this is a closed book exam.
  3. hand calculators are allowed, but is restricted to HKEA approved ones, or non-graphical calculators. Anyway, it won't hurt if you come without a calculator.

Make-up class: Date: May 6 (Sat)/ Time: 2 to 5pm/ Venue: Room 1103 (near LT-A)

  • Make-up class is scheduled one week after the final exam because we do not want to mess up with your original schedule for the exam. The content to be taught in the make-up class will NOT be included in the final exam. However, you are strongly recommended to attend the make-up class unless you are really not available that day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CDGT on 2358 5084. Thank you.

Best regards,
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